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(existing customers, you can close this window and click the “Checkout” button in the main window.)

Please Note: First time orders or current customers with a new bank account or bank changes can either upload images of their voided check and deposit slip or send them through the mail. We need a sample of your voided check or canceled check from your existing check supply. We’re sorry, but we cannot accept fax orders for personal checks.

Personal Check Information Form

1. Please enclose a Voided Check, Canceled Check or the Reorder Form from your existing check supply.

2. Make all changes to your sample checks directly to the face of the check. We will make your new checks based on that check.
3. Enclose a Deposit Slip from your existing supply. One from the bank will work also.

4. Click Here for a printable Check Order Form that you can complete and mail in your order.

5. Mail these items with appropriate payment (Check, MC, Visa) to:
R&G Banknote, P.O. Box 150, Milford, NH 03055.